Many people know that West Zeelandic Flanders is an excellent destination for beach holidays. Still, you may be surprised to learn that our region is also perfect for visiting by yacht or sailboat. Sailing in the extreme south of the Netherlands means guaranteed wind in your sails, beautiful views, picturesque villages and surprising encounters. Those who dare to brave the current of the Westerschelde and are not opposed to moderate westerly winds will find a modern marina in Breskens and Cadzand-Bad.
Thanks to its favourable location at the mouth of the Westerschelde estuary, the marina at Breskens and Cadzand is an ideal base for sailing trips to and from France and England, the Flemish interior and the Dutch Delta region. Breskens Marina offers fantastic sailing opportunities in almost all weather conditions. When the weather is too rough offshore, it is often still fine behind the sandbanks. If you sail to the east from Breskens, you sure to encounter sunbathing seals!